#instagramInstagram is changing the face of many different industries including Real Estate. Instagram has over 130 million active users, this video and photo sharing giant really has cornered the market.

Since Instagram was built on a mobile platform, it appeals to those who do a majority of their web surfing on their phones. The biggest reason that Instagram has been so highly successful is that people are naturally visual. One of the best parts about Instagram is that it is notorious for turning novice photography into beautiful visuals with over 19 filters to choose from.

So when pondering your Real Estate needs why not post eye-catching photos of your home to attract buyers, receive feedback about decorating ideas or simply to brag about your new home purchase!

Here are some tips for using Instagram to help you with buying and selling your home:
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Saving to Buy a Home - Shannon Rose Real EstateMaking the transition from renter to homeowner can be a challenge for nearly everyone. One of the greatest challenges is saving enough for a down payment. In most cases this means making aggressive spending cuts or boosting your income flow. In either instance it is a hurdle that most first time homeowners will need assistance in overcoming.

Here are some helpful ways to keep on budget towards the goal of purchasing your new home.
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The Glory of Silicon Valley Real Estate

This is a repost of a previous article from Shannon Rose’s old blog. You can see the original post here.

Silicon Valley. The famed southern part of the San Francisco Bay area that has become known to all as the high-tech capital of the United States (and possibly the world). Silicon Valley is home to the city of San Jose, the southern Peninsula, the Southern East Bay, and all of the Santa Clara Valley.

You know Silicon Valley for its venture capitalism, dot-com bubble, and prestigious Universities (Stanford, University of California, Carnegie Mellon), but do you know Silicon Valley for its real estate, beautiful homes, and picture-perfect neighborhoods? If not, here is a little introduction to one of Silicon Valley’s best areas, Mountain View Real Estate…
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